Bakalland merged with Purella and changes its name to FoodWell.

Together we want to become a leader in the healthy food segment in Europe. The name FoodWell is the corporate name, while joining forces we keep all our BRANDS: Bakalland, Delecta, Purella, BeRAW, which will be dynamically developed as part of the new strategy of the organization. Purella will be strategic brand in all categories for export business.

Over the years, Bakalland has become synonymous with the dried fruits and nuts category and has shown that it not only has a great understanding of customer needs, but is also able to guarantee stable business development and build large categories.

Purella Superfoods has been active in the rapidly growing health food category for 7 years. Agility, innovation and determination have allowed Purella to quickly gain significant positions in the category of healthy functional products with the addition of superfoods.


Enjoy a healthier life everyday.

Enhance our strength on the Polish market to enable global expansion through exceptional people and products we are proud of.



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Bakalland brand is more than 30 years of tradition, based on experience and passion.

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As an expert and undisputed leader in the market of dried fruits and nuts, it wants to actively participate in the lives of Poles, awakening optimism, giving joy in the form of natural and healthy products. All over the world the best nuts are searched for, properly selected, processed and composed to best meet the needs of consumers. Bakalland is the most recognizable brand among nuts, enjoying great customer trust and being synonymous with the category.

The Delecta brand is a leading player in the market for broadly defined baking and dessert products.

It is a trustworthy brand, believing that preparing simple and tasty baked goods and desserts is a great opportunity to maintain close human relationships. Delecta - Say it straight from the heart. With Delecta brand products, consumers can express themselves, feel the satisfaction of always preparing high-quality desserts, and feel the joy of gifting them to their loved ones.


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Purella Superfoods made its grocery debut in 2016 and has quickly become one of the leaders in the health food industry and superfoods.

The brand's mission is to democratize healthy eating, so it conducts educational activities related to superfoods and healthy lifestyles, and motivates and inspires people to take care of themselves and change their eating habits. At the heart of the brand are superfoods, plant-based products with the highest nutritional value, which are also an important ingredient in all categories belonging to the portfolio: muesli, herbs, shots and supplements.


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The BeRAW brand was created in 2017 together with its ambassador Ewa Chodakowska.


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It is a brand of healthy snacks: bars, probiotic cookies, smoothies and nut creams. The main distinguishing features of the brand are the simple and pure composition of the products, natural ingredients and delicious taste, providing pleasure without remorse. The brand's products are dedicated to active women. In 2021, the BeRAW Kids brand was established, offering products dedicated to children. BeRAW Kids are products with no added sugar, no palm oil, no artificial flavors and colors. The brand was created to support parents in building healthy eating habits in children and provide an alternative to popular sweetened snacks.

Anatol is a well-known brand of cereal coffee for many years, valued for its natural and simple composition, based on a blend of Polish cereals: rye, barley and chicory.


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The naturalness of the product is also guaranteed by the traditional method of roasting cereals and chicory, which dates back to 1816. Anatol brand products delight with their almost artisanal simplicity, composed with the idea of caring for the health and well-being of consumers, offering them the best of nature.

FoodWell is first and foremost a united team, built from the best specialists. A team that, with passion, based on our values: wellbeing, people, innovation and responsibility, together will achieve the ambitious goals set.

We derive goodness from NATURE to produce food and give people joy. We inspire people to take care of themselves and their diet on a daily basis by educating and mobilizing our consumers to live in accordance with the idea of WELLBEING, which we understand simply as living a good life! We create products, in line with consumers' expectations, tailored to their lifestyles, which combine the JOY of EATING and CARING FOR HEALTH.

We rely on the PEOPLE who make up our organization, because it is thanks to their commitment that we can develop so intensively. We are not perfect but we are real and we are ourselves. We benefit from our diversity, we respect our differences, because thanks to this we fill all areas of the organization with our competencies.

We are committed to development in accordance with the spirit of ECOLOGICAL BUSINESS. We are driven by a constant desire for INNOVATION, we are becoming a trendsetter in creating Better for You foods.



We are authentic. We strive for the highest standards of ethics and governance.We treat each other with respect.We openly accept diverse views.We are honest and forthright with each other.


We think big - we focus our efforts on big opportunities. We infect with belief, passion and positive energy. We are resilient in the face of challenges.Explanations are a waste of time. We prefer learning and action. We value coaching and feedback because we derive joy from influencing the growth and clarity of our team. We strive to be an authentic role model and are not afraid to say: „I'm sorry”, „I need your help" or „I made a mistake".Leadership should not be a license to do less, but a responsibility to do more. We constantly step out of our comfort zone.


We are fast, agile and non-corporate. We innovate to create delightful brands and products that are loved.We innovate our business model and processes to better manage our complexity.We are entrepreneurial and always looking for new solutions and opportunities.We expect ourselves to think differently and challenge the status quo. We understand that doing the same thing over and over will not lead to different results. We focus on big ideas.


We work together to seek the best possible solution and results. We build trusting relationships with each other, our customers and suppliers. We are proud of what we do - of our ability to grow and to shape the way we work. We are ambitious and strive to be number 1 or 2 in all categories in which we compete.We believe in the power of cross-functional, collective genius. We celebrate successes and reward results. We are connected and always in the know. We support each other. We assume good intentions.


We respect data and make full use of it to guide our decisions and performance.We transform data into knowledge and share with clarity. We draw conclusions and take action. What? So what? Now what?We take pride in being both customers and consumers centric.We believe that our knowledge can be a competitive advantage.We always have a best in class benchmark / reference point.

Knowledge & learning

We believe that exceptional people change the world.We are present, proud, energetic and eager to win. We give our best every day. We are stubborn optimists.We take responsibility for our actions and results. We enable our people to learn and develop fast.We show a willingness to learn from each other, both from failures and successes.We are humble and never assume that we are at the top of our game.

Exceptional people

We believe that results driven by execution excellence.We are obsessed with creating and seizing growth opportunities and eliminating unnecessary costs.We break down barriers and obstacles because we are solution-oriented.We take responsibility for the results we achieve.We act with a sense of urgency to understand our results and take swift and insightful action.We always strive to create products processes and services of higher value.

Result oriented

Focused on delivering the highest quality in all functions.What we do, we do well.We strive to be „right first time”.We raise the bar and inspire others to follow.We strive for a world class standard.We want our stakeholders to regard our „normal standard" as „exceptional”.

Quality in all we do



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