Bakalland merged with Purella and changes its name to FoodWell.

Together we want to become a leader in the healthy food segment in Europe. The name FoodWell is the corporate name, while joining forces we keep all our BRANDS: Bakalland, Delecta, Purella, BeRAW, which will be dynamically developed as part of the new strategy of the organization. Purella will be strategic brand in all categories for export business.

Over the years, Bakalland has become synonymous with the dried fruits and nuts category and has shown that it not only has a great understanding of customer needs, but is also able to guarantee stable business development and build large categories.

Purella Superfoods has been active in the rapidly growing health food category for 7 years. Agility, innovation and determination have allowed Purella to quickly gain significant positions in the category of healthy functional products with the addition of superfoods.






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Bakalland brand is more than 30 years of tradition, based on experience and passion.

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As an expert and undisputed leader in the market of dried fruits and nuts, it wants to actively participate in the lives of Poles, awakening optimism, giving joy in the form of natural and healthy products. All over the world the best nuts are searched for, properly selected, processed and composed to best meet the needs of consumers. Bakalland is the most recognizable brand among nuts, enjoying great customer trust and being synonymous with the category.

The Delecta brand is a leading player in the market for broadly defined baking and dessert products.

It is a trustworthy brand, believing that preparing simple and tasty baked goods and desserts is a great opportunity to maintain close human relationships. Delecta - Say it straight from the heart. With Delecta brand products, consumers can express themselves, feel the satisfaction of always preparing high-quality desserts, and feel the joy of gifting them to their loved ones.


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Purella Superfoods made its grocery debut in 2016 and has quickly become one of the leaders in the health food industry and superfoods.

The brand's mission is to democratize healthy eating, so it conducts educational activities related to superfoods and healthy lifestyles, and motivates and inspires people to take care of themselves and change their eating habits. At the heart of the brand are superfoods, plant-based products with the highest nutritional value, which are also an important ingredient in all categories belonging to the portfolio: muesli, herbs, shots and supplements.


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The BeRAW brand was created in 2017 together with its ambassador Ewa Chodakowska.


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It is a brand of healthy snacks: bars, probiotic cookies, smoothies and nut creams. The main distinguishing features of the brand are the simple and pure composition of the products, natural ingredients and delicious taste, providing pleasure without remorse. The brand's products are dedicated to active women. In 2021, the BeRAW Kids brand was established, offering products dedicated to children. BeRAW Kids are products with no added sugar, no palm oil, no artificial flavors and colors. The brand was created to support parents in building healthy eating habits in children and provide an alternative to popular sweetened snacks.

Anatol is a well-known brand of cereal coffee for many years, valued for its natural and simple composition, based on a blend of Polish cereals: rye, barley and chicory.


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The naturalness of the product is also guaranteed by the traditional method of roasting cereals and chicory, which dates back to 1816. Anatol brand products delight with their almost artisanal simplicity, composed with the idea of caring for the health and well-being of consumers, offering them the best of nature.

FoodWell is first and foremost a united team, built from the best specialists. A team that, with passion, based on our values: wellbeing, people, innovation and responsibility, together will achieve the ambitious goals set.

We derive goodness from NATURE to produce food and give people joy. We inspire people to take care of themselves and their diet on a daily basis by educating and mobilizing our consumers to live in accordance with the idea of WELLBEING, which we understand simply as living a good life! We create products, in line with consumers' expectations, tailored to their lifestyles, which combine the JOY of EATING and CARING FOR HEALTH.

We rely on the PEOPLE who make up our organization, because it is thanks to their commitment that we can develop so intensively. We are not perfect but we are real and we are ourselves. We benefit from our diversity, we respect our differences, because thanks to this we fill all areas of the organization with our competencies.

We are committed to development in accordance with the spirit of ECOLOGICAL BUSINESS. We are driven by a constant desire for INNOVATION, we are becoming a trendsetter in creating Better for You foods.



We strive to ensure that our products are full of nutritional values derived from natural ingredients, and through our recipes, skills and ingenuity, give consumers the full joy of taste, which they can enjoy as they like and when they feel like it.

That's why we motivate and inspire consumers to take care of themselves to invest in their physical health as well as their mental health over the long term. we encourage activity, a healthy lifestyle, optimism that translates into our well-being, our better, happier lives.

Aiming to clean up labels and abandon artificial additives, prioritizing plant-based ingredients and developing better-for-you products finally, preserving the full nutritional values of natural ingredients, we never forget that our products must be delicious!



It's experiencing health, happiness and prosperity in areas that are important to us. It's adding small habits to our lives permanently thanks to which we feel better, have more strength and energy for what's important to us. It's mental balance, living in accordance with oneself, giving ourselves pleasure without remorse

I want to eat good to feel good; I need food that allows me to enjoy taking care of myself every day.

WE ARE NOT PERFECT, but we are committed and genuine in everything we do, and because of that, WORTHY OF TRUST.

The most important element of our organization is the people. Their work, ambition and commitment are essential to the realization of the group's goals. The foundation of our organization's culture is trust. We build it based on respect in an atmosphere of support for the need for individual development. We value diversity and avoid exclusion. We make sure that everyone feels valuable.

That's why we care about the high culture of the organization to ensure a friendly atmosphere and high engagement.

We plan to create a career program within the organization and a training system to develop the competencies and strengths of the team.

We engage in internship programs for young people, becoming a mentor and a valued employer.


Trust makes it possible to do a thousand small things together and achieve something great together

We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit within us. We want to be an engine of great change for the better, so we focus on development, use new technologies, increase profitability, efficiency and expansion.

That's why we are combining the strengths of multiple brands to become more competitive together and reach consumers more effectively with a wide range of products to meet their needs. By betting on operational excellence, we increase our advantages, become more efficient in our operations, and build scale.

We invest in innovation to develop new product and consumer trends in today's fine food market.

We implement innovations in management, think outside the box, and finally create specialized innovation centers where new, unique product formulas are created in new forward-looking categories.


To become an engine of real change you have to grow and evolve with it, because in today's world only the right scale allows a brand to realize its mission

We are responsible for our business and the results of its growth we take seriously the impact of our activities on the state of the environment and the society in which we live. That's why we are changing to be closer to nature. This is a long-term change and a challenge in the name of a better future for all of us, we are fighting for sustainable development of our business, reducing our carbon footprint, sourcing raw materials from trusted sources, cooperating with trusted partners, successively planning to increase the share of green energy, striving to implement the idea of zero waste, responsibly managing waste and developing recyclable packaging. We are actively working to decarbonize the economy, investing in new categories of plant-based substitutes for meat and milk, thus contributing to reducing the negative impact on the planet resulting from animal farming.

We are socially responsible - we engage in numerous aid initiatives supporting those in need.

2022 - we start optimization, introduce recycling packaging

2024 - next step, 30% recycled packaging - circular economy

2024 - 2025 - 70% of the Janow plant's energy will come from renewable energy

2025 - 99% of raw materials will be of plant origin

2026 - plant-based o.z. product alternatives will account for 20% of the group's turnover


A change good for me must be good for the planet I live on.


Achieving our goals will be aided by the recognition of the Bakalland, Purella and Delecta brands, as well as having three efficient production plants in Janów Podlaski, Włocławek and Białystok. The Wloclawek plant has the longest history, having been operating since 1816. It began by roasting chicory for cereal coffee, and since 1959 the entire Delecta brand portfolio has been produced there. FoodWell's largest plant is located in Janów Podlaski, where all products under the Bakalland brand have been produced on an area of more than 30,000 sqm since 1991. The newest factory is located in Bialystok, where we have one of the most modern lines for the production of bars for the BeRAW brand and Purella Superfoods products.

The combination has created an efficient but also flexible infrastructure that allows us to fully respond to the needs of our customers in Poland as well as abroad.

In addition, a new INNOVATION CENTER is being set up in Warsaw, whose team analyzes market novelties on an ongoing basis, proposing changes to the product offering and developing novelties in the company's strategic categories of "healthy bars" - for which we have three production lines, as well as the breakfast category, for which we have a modern extrusion department. Our 10-year strategy also includes intensive development of the plant-based product category, the recipes for which are developed in a laboratory in Warsaw by the new Plant Based R&D department. After the merger, we make up a Team with a very strong production potential and a distinctive distribution force, focused in current channels, but mostly in e-commerce and export.

CCO - Vice President of Former Affairs



CFO - Vice President of Finance



cmo -Director of Marketing, R&D, Quality, Board Member



Coo -

Chief Operating Officer, Board Member





CSO - Sales Director, Board Member

We have merged two organizations and are making optimal use of the experience and competence of the founders and managers of both companies. With a new board of directors and a clear vision, we go together into the future as FOODWELL.

At the head of the board is Marian Owerko, CEO - chairman of the board and co-owner of FoodWell.

Marian Owerko founded and built Bakalland, over 31 years he created a leader in the dried fruits and nuts category and a strong player in the cereal bars, snacks, cakes, dessert additives and cereal coffee categories. As founder of the VC fund UnoCapital, he has extensive experience in M&A, which he will also be responsible for in the area of the company's strategic directions.

CEO -Chairman of the Board

Marian Owerko

Michał Czerwiński - founder and CEO of Purella Superfoods, has proven that passion, commitment and vision can quickly build a valuable company in the market. At FoodWell, as vice president of CCO - he will be responsible for the commercial part of the business and its development. He will set directions and oversee marketing, sales activities, with a strong focus on newbusiness in foreign markets and in the modern sales channel such as ecommerce, marketplace, B2B.

Karol Kleszcz - as vice president, will invariably serve as the organization's CFO. Karol gained his economic experience at ABB, Nestle, AstraZeneca and Oshee, and the last 3 years at Bakalland. At FoodWell, he will be responsible for finance, controlling, administration, HR and IT ensuring that the organization runs a profitable, sustainable and safe business.

Tomasz Szafarczyk – at FoodWell, in the role of COO, he is responsible for operations, which include the areas of purchasing, planning, production, logistics, customer service, health and safety and environmental protection. He has been in the FMCG industry for 13 years, having previously worked in the investment industry. He was with Bakalland from 2009-2016 and again from 2019. Tomasz's role at FoodWell is keeping operational service to customers high while maintaining the cost regime, including working capital value.

Artur Ryczkowski - He has worked in the FMCG industry for 28 years, working in multinational and multicultural organizations responsible for developing distribution channels and managing sales teams. He has implemented many effective solutions and tools affecting expected business results in terms of sales growth, market share and profitability. At FoodWell in the role of CSO - he is responsible for the dynamic development of Sales, Buyer Activation and Category Development both in Poland and export markets.

Artur Gajewski – more than 15 years of experience in marketing. Co-founder of Purella Superfoods. At FoodWell in the role of CMO - will be responsible for guiding the marketing communications and brand development strategy, as well as the R&D part, injecting the innovative and startup nature of new product development into the organization. He also includes the quality department to ensure that three important areas of the company work together at the highest level with the highest quality standards.



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