Monzer Elabrashy boasts a 15-year track record in sales, marketing, and general management at Coca-Cola across Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, the UK, Sweden, and Norway. His professional experience also encompasses 3 years at Red Bull, where he supervised the brand's expansion into Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as nearly 5 years as the CEO and Chairman of the Board at CEDC. Subsequently, Monzer took on the role of SVP at Juul Labs, overseeing the brand's expansion across the EMEA region. Monzer joined FoodWell as the CEO in August 2023, as noted in the briefing.

"FoodWell's portfolio boasts wonderful brands: Bakalland, Delecta, Purella, Anatol, and BeRaw, all loved by our consumers. My goal will be to strengthen their position in the Polish market and to extend our presence on the international stage. I believe in the power of nurturing our Talents and Organizational Culture, delivering the right innovations, finding new consumption opportunities, and striving for operational and executional excellence," said the new president, Monzer Elabrashy.


Ceo Monzer Elabrashy

CEO Monzer Elabrashy - Prezes zarządu – CEO

Financial Director - Vice President of the Board

Karol Kleszcz

Karol Kleszcz-Dyrektor ds. Finansowych - Wiceprezes Zarządu

A manager with over 23 years of experience in corporate finance management, including the last 16 years in top positions on company boards and in regional structures. I have gained experience in international global organizations (Baxter, ABB, Nestle, AstraZeneca) at both the national and global levels, serving as a financial director in Russia, the Europe Region, and Turkey and South Africa. I also have extensive experience managing the finances of companies in the Private Equity portfolio and owner companies (Trec Nutrition, Oshee). Since 2020, I have been serving as the Vice President of the Board at Foodwell.

A business co-pilot focused on building company value by developing and implementing business and financial strategies, ensuring financing sources for company expansion, and proper risk management.

I am also a member of the international Chartered Institute of Management Accountants [CIMA], an organization that brings together professionals in the field of corporate financial management.

I began my professional career in 1996 at the BOLS facility in Oborniki Wielkopolskie. After several internal promotions within the warehousing, supply, and planning departments, I was appointed Director of Logistics at the BOLS facility in Oborniki in 2012. The merger of BOLS in Oborniki, Polmos in Białystok, and Carey Agri in Warsaw, leading to the creation of CEDC, provided further opportunities for development. In 2015, I was promoted to the position of Director of Supply Chain for all CEDC locations, which led to the establishment of a Central Shared Services Department, as well as buffer and cross-dock warehouses for distribution services.

In 2016, as a result of centralizing competencies, I was entrusted with the position of Director of Supply Chain, Purchasing, and Development at CEDC, resulting in increased results not only in customer service and supply chain management but primarily in significant optimization of both direct and indirect procurement costs.

As of September 1, 2018, I assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at CEDC, responsible for: 2 manufacturing plants (production, capital expenditure, maintenance, and quality control), central purchasing (COGS/direct, indirect, fleet, utilities), supply chain (planning, procurement, warehousing, transport, and customer service), quality (quality control, laboratories, research and development, technology), sustainable development (quality assurance, environment, health, safety and occupational hygiene, LEAN/continuous improvement), and security (physical and access control)

.In 2022, I decided to accept an offer from RODOWITA Z ROZTOCZA, where I had a direct impact on the development of this organization in Poland.

Chief Operating Officer - Board Member

Adam Wesołek

Adam Wesołek-Dyrektor ds. Operacyjnych - Członek Zarządu


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